award-winning STORYTELLING

Effective communication is all about the story. And it’s crucial to have a skilled storyteller.

At Very Media, no matter the scale of your project or the platform you choose, we will work with you to shape and share “your story” for the best outcomes.

Award-winning Melinda Rogers and Michael Jacobson bring creative and professional services tailored especially for you.


Below are some of the services we can provide:

  • Public Relations and media relations

  • Content creation

  • Communications strategies

  • Social media strategies and amplification plans

  • News and feature articles

  • Script creation and video production

  • Project communications

  • Social media training and delivery for all platforms

  • Brand positioning

  • Content editing/proofreading

 We also create targeted and optimised content for:

  • Social media

  • EDMs/newsletters

  • Websites

  • Press releases

  • Articles and blogs

  • Flyers

  • Brochures


Here are just some of the qualities we bring to every project:

V – versatility

E - experience

R – reputation

Y – you

Very special thanks to Justin Ma Photography for providing the beautiful photography featured throughout our website.