A matter of trust

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As communicators, we bring specific skills to every project. But which is the most important?

Is it the ability to communicate clearly, concisely and creatively?

Is it an attention to detail ensuring that all content is correct in every way? After all, regardless of how or where our content eventually appears, nothing dilutes its credibility and impact faster than half-hearted or hasty editing. Or worse, no editing at all.

Is it finding that spark of inspiration that really sets content apart?

Or is it a delivery strategy that comes off seamlessly?

The answer, of course, is all of these. However, there is another quality the importance of which can never be underestimated.


Daily life constantly requires us to place our trust in other people, other entities and other

We trust the bank won't lose our money or accidentally publish our details. We trust the food at the supermarket is of good quality. We trust the car won't break down the day after its service. We trust the ATM won't chew our card to bits.

There's a multitude of examples where, every day, our trust is required. It's not always easy;
but it is inevitable.

Trust is a must

Whenever we enter into a contract with a client, and regardless of the type of work that project may entail, there is an exchange of trust that affects everything that follows.

Sometimes that process is simple:

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Sometimes it requires a little more effort:

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And sometimes we just complicate it way, way too much:


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However, at the fundamental level, as service providers we trust in our experience and expertise to deliver the creativity and strategies that will lead to the best outcomes for a client.

In turn, the client invests not only their money, but also their trust that we will act fully on their behalf. This pertains to professionalism, discretion and integrity as much as to the application of the talents that earned the client's trust in the first place.

And remember, while it’s good to have a firm belief in your ideas and opinions, it’s also good to be amenable to those of others. That builds trust. Plus, collaboration is always better than conflict, so a sharing of ideas which are then adapted accordingly should lead to a positive experience for all parties.

Trust, or bust

Trust is hard-earned, requires constant vigilance and can be broken in an instant.

With trust, projects run more smoothly, success is shared and your business relationships can thrive. 

Without it, nobody wins.

Written by Michael Jacobson, Editorial Director, Very Media.
At Very
Media we believe that effective communication is all about the story. And it’s crucial to have a skilled storyteller. With our expertise, we can work with you to shape and share ‘your story’ no matter the scale of your project or the platform you choose.