Our lunch with global media executive Charlton D’Silva

Global media executive Charlton D'Silva

Global media executive Charlton D'Silva

The team at Very Media this week enjoyed the privilege of dining with global media executive Charlton D’Silva.

Charlton has more than 30 years of experience at the forefront of driving innovation and change in the new media sector, as well as a wealth of knowledge in marketing, global media leverage and strategy.

The CEO for Publisher’s Internationalé and Buy On Platform, Charlton spoke about his Top 8 Rules for Navigating the Media Landscape. We thought we’d share his insights with our readers.

Rule 1: Know thyself

Charlton says this is the first principal of launching any plan and striving to make it a success: “Know why you are doing it and be true to yourself in the process.”

Rule 2: Work out what you want to achieve

Be precise in your goals and decide which metrics you’ll use to measure your progress.

Rule 3: Get your story straight

“If people trust you, they will buy,” says Charlton.

Once you’ve worked out what you want to say, Charlton recommends creating five versions of your message and then ‘content testing’ on your audience. Once you’ve discovered which one or two resonate, run with them and only them.

Rule 4: Have a great website

“Your website is the only channel you can fully control, so use it to sell your vision,” says Charlton.

He also recommends auditing your other channels and using only those that are working for you. His advice is to do only what you can manage.

Rule 5: Have a plan

Charlton says to use a content test to drive creative, then distribute it across only the number of channels you can handle.

Rule 6: Use a social listening tool

Social listening tools such as Simplify360, Meltwater and Hootsuite help you respond to what people are talking about in real time. Charlton recommends not “wasting your time with traditional market research” in today’s digital world. Social listening will take care of all your needs.

Rule 7: Don’t try to be famous

“You can spend a lot of money trying to be famous,” he says. “You’ll have more success by staying true and doing the best job you can do.”

Rule 8: You must start tracking your data

Charlton says not to invest in any media channels unless you’re tracking the process. To him, it’s about reach and frequency.

* Charlton’s visit to the Gold Coast was organised by State Member for Southport, Mr Rob Molhoek MP, and was held at G’s Restaurant at Griffith University, Gold Coast campus.

- Written by Melinda Rogers, Managing Director, Very Media