Content leads the way in 2019, again!

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Now that we’re well and truly in the swing of 2019, we should all be thinking about our content strategy to ensure the best possible success as the year unfolds.

Standing out as a brand relies on producing meaningful and memorable content. It was the case in 2018 and remains so in 2019.

That’s why content marketing must still be the number one priority in your budget.

Content comes in many forms and utilises many platforms, ranging from video, blogs, brochures, articles and social media posts to something as simple as the wording on your business card.

What your content says, and how it is presented, are vital for your business.

Why content is still king

The ongoing rise of ad blocking is a warning for brands to complement their advertising to customers with genuine audience engagement.

The best way to do this is through equally genuine content. People want to be sure they are receiving more than just a product or particular service. In fact, they are demanding it, so it’s a good idea to think about ways of adding value for your customers.

Content marketing works brilliantly in this regard. The ability to create genuine branded editorial content across a range of channels is a huge benefit for businesses.

And we’re not the only ones to think so. According to Smart Insights’ Managing Digital Marketing report, content marketing is still the number one marketing activity planned for 2019 by businesses striving for the largest commercial impact.

More tips and insights for 2019

Video, video, video! We’re still watching more videos than normal posts. If you haven’t already begun creating videos for your brand, then 2019 is the time to do so.  

To keep up with demand by social users, it is imperative to produce video content that (a) your audience will watch, and (b), encourages their engagement.

The good news is that you don’t need to break your budget to produce social video. There are many tools and templates available online that make this process cost-effective and time-efficient.

Know your social platforms

With social media platforms continually changing and keeping us on our toes, it’s important to know which ones will most benefit your business.

Social media users in Australia are among the most active in the world, with around 60% of the country’s population active on Facebook, according to statistics gathered by Social Media News for January 2019.

Leading the way in the social space is Facebook, followed by YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Twitter and then LinkedIn.

However, while Facebook is on top, it is losing its younger demographic. So if this is your audience, choose your platforms wisely. The average age demographics for Facebook are 25-39 and 40-55. Instagram’s main demographic is the under 30s.

Email is here to stay

There have been plenty of rumours to the contrary over the years, but email is here to stay. It is still a major channel of communication and one that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to building your content strategy.

One thing to remember is this: bulk emailing your customers is out; personalisation and automation are in.

Do your research and see what is out there to help your company shine in 2019.

Or better yet, give Very Media a call.