Why video should be part of your content strategy

No matter how elaborate your marketing or communications strategy, you will never truly stand out as a brand unless you can produce memorable content.  

One of the best ways to achieve this is through video content.  

I’m not talking about a polished TVC or a heavily branded video that’s all about your business. I’m talking about meaningful content that resonates with your target audience.

According to Insivia, by the end of 2017 online video will account for 74% of all online traffic. People are crying out for this type of content and video is by far the best way to deliver it.

It seems branded advertising has consumed the social media world, so it’s time to cut the marketing ‘spam’ and produce something people will remember.

Here are some of the reasons why video should be part of your next content strategy:

1.  It humanises your brand

Your audience won’t engage with you if they think you’re only after one thing. Sure, we all need to make a living so that’s an important factor behind the content we provide, but if others gain something too then everyone’s a winner. If your video makes someone laugh, feel inspired or moved, or if it’s something they can relate to, then you’re on the way to winning content.

2.  It gives you a platform to tell a story in a quick, simple and engaging way

It’s amazing what you can capture and portray in just a few seconds. So, harness the power of video and use it to engage your audience. Videos can be powerful in as little as 30 seconds, such as in this advert for car insurance that is a long way from normal expectations for this type of brand. Then again, some videos can get away with something a little longer, as in the case of this Always #LikeAGirl campaign video, which has had more than 64 million video views on YouTube.

This branded content video from Procter & Gamble is easily my favourite video for tugging on those heartstrings.  Or if you’re after something a little more local, then check out this great video (right) for Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service produced by Gold Coast filmmaker Ben Maher of Renegade Media.  

Don’t forget that 85% of videos on social media are watched without sound, so keep this in mind during production and post-production.

3.  Facebook algorithms place video higher in newsfeeds

Basically, Facebook’s algorithms give greater prominence to content that promotes engagement and an investment of time from your audience.  Video gives you the ability to create content that is relevant, valuable and interesting for your target audience, therefore receiving higher placement.  With only 2-3% of your followers actually seeing your posts organically, along with Facebook’s need to continually change the way its algorithms work, it’s only going to become tougher to be seen.  So next time you create a piece of content, think about whether it will make your target audience not only stop and watch, but react, share or comment.

4. Facebook live places even higher  in newsfeeds

Facebook Live is said to be more authentic and engaging.  Facebook itself has also shared that people, on average, spend three times more time watching a Facebook Live video than other video content.  When ‘going live’, Facebook will also notify all your close friends and people who recently interacted with your page. You don’t get that when you simply publish a video.  Still, when it comes to making that live video engaging, more thought needs to go into what you’re actually going to show. Well, for most brands anyway.  Some of the most watched Live videos include Chewbacca Mom or the exploding watermelon by Buzzfeed, which proves that people really will watch anything!  

Another example of planned Facebook Live is the Open Day Facebook live project (video above) I ran for Griffith University at this year’s Open Day.  Five live videos streamed from Open Day saw almost 150,000 video views and a reach of more than 800,000 in just under 48 hours!

5.  Video works across multiple platforms

The beauty of video is that it works across so many channels.  You can outlay minimal budget in planning a series of videos that can then run across all your social channels, EDMs, website and more.  

If you’re still not convinced to give video a go, call me and I’ll try to twist your arm a little more ;)


Written by Melinda Rogers, Managing Director, Very Media

At Very Media we believe that effective communication is all about the story.  And it’s crucial to have a skilled storyteller.  With our expertise in video production, we can work with you to shape and share ‘your story’ no matter the scale of your project or the platform you choose.